Double Edge Sword of Ageism

Ageism Hurts ... more than you know

"Like racism or sexism,
ageism and prejudice towards older people
is a social disease fed by stereotypes.
It is important to
change the image of older people as
passive receivers of assistance and
a burden to the national budget -
this image is fundamentally wrong and
fuels the fires of ageism."
(Source: HelpAge International)
Ageism is so deeply ingrained in our society, that, unless it is obvious, most of us are not even aware of it. It is so entrenched, that many older persons act their "stereotypical" age. This behavior perpetuates ageism and creates a self-fulfilling prophecy, which, in turn, may reduce one's lifespan by seven to eight years.


Regardless of how you use ageism - towards older or younger people - it shows lack of respect ... judging people on what you perceive their abilities to be, before they're even showcased makes you look completely narrow-minded. - Richie Frieman

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