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In February 2016, Villa del Sol Senior Bees. Inc, AKA Senior Bees, signed an agreement to work in cooperation with Truth or Consequences Housing Authority (TCHA) management for the benefit of TCHA Villa del Sol (VDS) residents.  Having said that, it is important to note that TCHA is not, in any way, affiliated with Senior Bees.

In March 2016, a 5 phase, 2-year Construction plan was approved by TCHA Executive Director, Steven Rice.   All 5 Phases will be ADA/HUD compliant and open for the enjoyment of residents and guests alike.  We are working with TCHA Management to make this Intergenerational Community Education area green.  

Upon completion of Phase 1 of our plan, we hosted our 1st educational event, which was held in April 2016; it was a huge success.

Firefighters from the Arrey-Derry Fire  Dept. came and showed participants how to properly use a fire extinguisher; we learned how to make a small solar panel to charge our cell phones; a resident facilitated a hands-on intergenerational gardening demonstration; other residents set up educational booths which covered topics such as Emergency Preparedness, Older Americans Month,  International Guitar Month, Earth Day & Recycling, National Zucchini Bread Day, and of course, Volunteerism.  Great fun was had by all participants.

Phase 2 of our plan was scheduled to be completed in September 2016.  Due to extenuating circumstances, this phase has not been completed.  Upon completion, this phase will consist of concrete foundational frames which will house 5 Solar Ovens and 2 indigenous coolers.    

Phases 3 & 4 consist of building wooden raised beds around the perimeter of our Community Garden area, and building concrete raised beds in the corner of Serenity Park. 

Phase 5 includes building a short, decorative fence around Serenity Park.  

We have been given a price of $5,000 to complete our project; therefore,

There are many ways for you to support us in our endeavor; some of which are FREE, like AmazonSmile and iGive.   If you are an eBay shopper or seller, you can designate a portion of your purchase or sale to go to us.

We appreciate your support, regardless of how you choose to help us!          

Linda Estavillo/CEO

We are Currently Raising Money to Complete Our
Intergenerational Community Education Area!

Our Mission

The mission of Senior Bees is to assist residents in our community to
“Age in Place Gracefully,”

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